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Jam Packed Wednesday feat. Sebadoh, Gap Dream, Parquet Courts, Heaven’s Gate, and TV Ghost

Those of you who were at the Grog Shop the last time Sebadoh made it to Cleveland should recognize the next track. On that particular night, Lou told some self-deprecating story and then played a new song on an acoustic guitar. Ok, Lou told a lot of self-deprecating stories that night and the band played a handful of new songs. This one stood out, however. He recounted the emotion he felt as he saw his neighbors take their children t...READ MORE

Play Me: “Borrowed Time” by Parquet Courts

photo by Heather Strange Like Australia's Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the New York via Texas band, Parquet Courts, have a rock history problem. Not too concerned with how garage rock, punk, and post-punk fit into Rock 'N' Roll's timeline, they just went ahead and combined their impressions of all three movements into one tangled mass. On a song like "Borrowed Time," you get the energy of early garage rock, the strong melodies o...READ MORE