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“No Nostalgia” by Parts and Labor

NYC's Parts and Labor are one of the few rock bands on the scene today to successfully and convincingly integrate electronics into their sound (Way ...
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The Rockometer: Constant Future by Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor Constant Future Jagjaguwar With the release of Mapmaker in 2007, the Brooklyn band Parts and Labor, found themselves at the ...
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“Rest” by Parts and Labor

While "Rest" may be tame by Parts and Labor standards, (Those massive banks of electronics are largely relegated to the periphery here as this one ...
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Top Jam: “Constant Future” by Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor are back to a three piece, and back to doing what they do best -- Combining the electronic screech from closets full of ...
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Parts and Labor, National Suicide Day Live @ Grog Shop Cleveland Heights. 10.23.08

Receivers, the latest release by the Brooklyn based band Parts and Labor, showcases a new, kinder and gentler band. Of course, those words, kinder ...
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Make This Rocktober One to Remember With a Pair of Tickets to Either Parts and Labor/National Suicide Day or Minus The Bear/The New Year/Uglysuit

As part of our ongoing celebration of Rocktober, I've teamed with my good friends at Jagjaguwar Records and Touch and Go Records to give you the ...
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“Nowheres Nigh” by Parts & Labor

During my 2+ years running I Rock Cleveland, I've learned to separate Bill the music fan from Bill the blogger/critic. It's not easy. You don't ...
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Parts and Labor In 60 Seconds Or Less

Regular readers of I Rock Cleveland shouldn't need an introduction to Parts and Labor. After all, they did release the second best album of 2007 ...
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