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The Rockometer: The Rolling Stone Three-And-A-Half Star Takeover Edition

Oh, three-and-a-half star review, how you've been done wrong. By trotting you out whenever the editors didn't want to offend, Rolling Stone ruined ...
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Jam Packed Monday feat. Tropic of Cancer, Pelican, Future of the Left, Odonis Odonis, Dead Gaze, Grails, and Darkside

Sweater weather calls for sweater songs and Tropic of Cancer's "Court of Devotion" is my kind of sweater song. The pairing of Camella Lobo's ...
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C’Mon Get Heavy with True Widow, Pelican and White Hills

A slow-burner, or a "Creeper," if you will. The second track to be released from True Widow's forthcoming album, Circumambulation (7/23 on ...
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“Strung Up From the Sky” by Pelican

One can think of the Chicago-based rock band, Pelican, like Mogwai, but only the crescendos, or Isis, without the screaming. Either way, their ...
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