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Trail of Dead

2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

Everyone, Trail of Dead. Trail of Dead, this is everyone at the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival gathered on this sunny Saturday at Chicago's Union Park. Introductions shouldn't be necessary when your band has a record firmly established in the indie rock canon, like ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead's 2002 masterpiece, Source Tags and Codes. But this Texas punk band, fond of the soft and loud style of Sonic Youth and ...READ MORE
Pissed Jeans

2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: Pissed Jeans

There's a track on the Pissed Jeans 2013 release, Honeys, where lead growler Matt Korvette, growls, of course, about online dating. He growls, "You're different in person," with such a menace that a bad date becomes an experience on par with finding a dead pet with a sticky note, "Sorry, I killed your pet." To which I reply, yes, Matt, you are different in person. In interviews, Korvette comes off like a completely reasonable ...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Honeys by Pissed Jeans

                Pissed Jeans Honeys Sub Pop For the target audience -- Male, thirty-something, office worker, and educated in classic punk, early Sub Pop and AmRep Records, Pissed Jeans' Honeys will resonate like few other records released over the past five years. As Matt Korvette growls, about management, health insurance, dinner parties, online dating, and hi...READ MORE

It’s a Sub Pop Sludge Feast: New Jams by Mudhoney and Pissed Jeans

  Grunge OGs, Mudhoney have never gone away. They've been slinging sludge for Sub Pop Records since the very beginning of grunge. And if one were to ask, let's say, Thurston Moore, or Yo La Tengo, perhaps that's why they don't get the same adulation as the '90s bands who left the spotlight for a decade or more only to return for a reunion tour. "The Only Son of the Widow of Nain," is not going to result in a new era of Mud...READ MORE

News Jam: Black Keys Settle Lawsuits Against Home Dept and Pizza Hut, A Winter Release Update, and Cloud Nothings to Headline a NYE Bash in CLE

Akron-bred, blues rock duo, The Black Keys have settled their lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot over illegal use of their songs "Gold in the Ceiling" and "Lonely Boy" in commercials. Terms were not disclosed...Did you ever wonder how so many similar sounding songs end up in commercials in the first place? Are corporations really that evil that they won't pay to legally use a song? Yes and no. This past summer, On the Media re...READ MORE

Four For Rocking: Heavy Jams by Keelhaul, Monotonix, Pissed Jeans, and Lightning Bolt

Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity (Yes, that's the new album title) begins in earnest this Friday night, with the Cleveland heavies unleashing their first full length in six years at the Grog Shop. And lest you think they're kidding about the album title, the album's twelve cuts reinforce the band's contention -- Instrumental tracks lacking the drama and grace to fit in with the instru-metal crowd, tempos too swift to be d...READ MORE

"I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream)" by Pissed Jeans

I'm not sure if this is a hunch or a prayer, but I would like to think that noise, scuzz, and fuzz is making a comeback. Ok, let's be realistic. It's a prayer, but, man, it sure would be nice if bands like Pissed Jeans, Pterodactyl, Clockcleaner, or someone more accessible like say, Times New Viking (Ha! TNV accessible) led a new movement to bring the rock back into indie rock. We're in need of something, anything, to balance ou...READ MORE