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Protomartry Under Cover of Official Right
9 Score

The Rockometer: Under the Color of Official Right by Protomartyr

      Protomartyr Under the Color of Official Right Hardly Art My introduction to the four-piece, Detroit post-punk band, Protomartyr, was unique for the 21st Century. I first heard them on Sub Pop's 25th anniversary compilation, Sub Pop 1000, a collection of mostly unknown bands. You see, back in the day, before this internet business, music fans would often buy compilations put out by labels they tr...READ MORE

Jam Packed Wednesday with Fucked Up, The Horrors, The Black Angels, and Archie Bronson Outfit

  Fucked Up's "Paper the House" is not your uncle's pop-punk anthem. For one thing, Fucked Up have always had better things to do than watch tv and rub one off, you know, like writing exceedingly long songs about the sex trade. And while, lead howler, Damian Abraham may question his life in a rock band through the lyrics, and rue the fact that it's driving him insane,  his yelp is as harsh as ever. Then, there's the matt...READ MORE

Play Me: “Come & See” by Protomartyr

Without the City of Detroit, there would be no Protomartyr. The two are tied together, though fortune, or misfortune, even if the larger population doesn't realize it. Not only does the post-punk act frequently use the city's struggles for songwriting inspiration, but one can also hear the challenging landscape's influence in the music, too. On "Come and See," the guitars are fractured, and hang perilously in space, waiting to sn...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Possessed” by Eagulls

Don't look now, but between London's Savages and Leeds' Eagulls, we very well may be in the midst of a UK post-punk explosion. And while it's hard to point to anything new Eagulls bring to the post-punk game almost thirty years after Joy Division, it's just as difficult to dismiss the band out of hand. For like their country-mates in Savages, the songs of Eagulls operate with such urgency and such angst, that they demand to be he...READ MORE

Play Me: “Scum, Rise!” by Protomartyr

When Detroit's Protomartyr shared a bill with Cleveland's Cloud Nothings there was a noticeable look of puzzlement on the faces of the Beachland crowd. It's not that Protomartyr was an extremely difficult band to take in -- One can easily find parallels between Protomartyr in the annals of both post-punk and workingman rock. Instead, much of the puzzlement stemmed from the man behind the microphone. Protomartyer's lead singer...READ MORE

A Jam Packed Thursday with Joanna Gruesome (covering Galaxie 500), Snowbird (a Cocteau Twin), White Lung And Eagulls

There's just one problem with Joanna Guresome's cover of Galxie 500's "Tugboat" for a digital only B-side to their "Sugarcrush" single (11/19). It's digital. Otherwise, the Cardiff noise pop band get it all right. They treat the source material with respect, getting that hypnotic bass line just right, and have some fun with it, too. I don't remember banshee screeches and guitar squeals much in the original. I don't remember Galax...READ MORE

Play Me: “Not Over” and “Hunger Split” by Pleasure Leftists

Depending on who you ask Cleveland is either a shit-hole, a place young people need to escape and suburbanites need to avoid after dark, or an up-and-coming city with underappreciated culture and low rent. The real Cleveland is somewhere in between. In fact, I often compare Cleveland to a patchwork quilt, with nice squares abutting the shit-holes and little to no warning that you're nice patch is going to abruptly end at the next...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Era by Disappears

                    Disappears Era Kranky Since their inception in 2008, the Chicago band Disappears have been overloaded with potential, but short on essential product. They have the pedigree. Founding member, Brian Case, cut his teeth in 90 Day Men and The Ponys. At one point, the drum kit was manned by Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley. They have th...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Ultra” by Disappears

This song is evil, and not just any evil, mind you. We're talking serial killer stalking a pretty young white girl on a deserted city block, evil; gates of hell swinging open to a pit of vicious fire, evil; and, haunted house reality show where actual ghosts terrorize the charlatans, evil. With "Ultra," the Chicago band Disappears have not only tapped into something which feeds innate emotional responses of mania, panic, and para...READ MORE

Play Me: “It’s Alright” by Weekend

"It's Alright" may not be the most impressive song in the discography of Brooklyn via San Francisco, post-punk band, Weekend, but it is another perfect example of what this trio does best: Tone and texture. A light fog hovers over the three-and-half minutes of "It's Alright," never quite receding, lending a late night/early morning vibe to the proceedings. The bass, meanwhile, is vintage doom and gloom, the likes of which consume...READ MORE