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Play Me: “Mad Men” by Herzog

Upon reading this morning's Best New Music Review on Pitchfork for the Cloud Nothings' new LP, Here And Nowhere Else, I couldn't help but quip on social media sites, "Cleveland is the new Brooklyn. You see, last week, Cleveland's one-man punk rock destroyer, Lamont "Bim" Thomas, got a similarly glowing review for his new Obnox album, Louder Space. Then, on Friday, a new track by one of Cleveland's best kept secrets, Herzog,...READ MORE


Why #POWERPOPMONDAY!? Have you been outside today? Have you just returned to the office after a two-week vacation? That's why. Although power pop is often derided by modern critics as redundant and shallow, one cannot deny the simple pleasure of verse-chorus-verse rock streamlined down to the basics established during the early British invasion days: Three minutes of guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes keyboards with a strong voca...READ MORE

Tony Molina Rules, OK

Tony Molina knows his guitar pop. His very short, and very sweet release Dissed and Dismissed is 12 songs and around 12 minutes short and sweet. In the process he hits on multiple guitar pop classics by incorporating the spontaneity of Guided by Voices, the aw-shucks ease of Evan Dando and the Lemonheads, and even the arena rock aspirations of early day Weezer when Rivers Cuomo was a geek, with a broken heart and a dream. The man...READ MORE
No Age band photo

Thursday Jam Pack with No Age, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Superchunk, and Joanna Gruesome

With, "An Impression," the second track to be officially released off of No Age's An Impression, prior to album's 8/20 release on Sub Pop, it's becoming increasingly clear that the LA duo were serious about their back to basics approach. The first preview, "C'Mon Stimmung" was a shredder in the vein of their early single, "Teen Creeps." Now, its follow up, finds the band revisiting the gentle whooshes and evocative moods of the m...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: King Tuff Was Dead by King Tuff

                King Tuff King Tuff Was Dead Burger Records T Rex's Marc Bolan never had a glass of red dumped on his head. But if he did, he would have never written a song about it like Kyle Thomas of King Tuff did on 2006's King Tuff Was Dead. When Bolan wasn't singing about boogie and babes he was riding a fucking tiger, man. As for Thomas, one gets the impr...READ MORE
9 Score

The Rockometer: MCII by Mikal Cronin

                Mikal Cronin MC II Merge Records Should the career arc of Mikal Cronin follow that of his frequent collaborator, the San Francisco, garage rock wunderkind, Ty Segall, his early 45s could start paying down your mortgage and get the kids off to college. I exaggerate, but MCII is such a leap in quality, similar to the one Segall made on his Drag Cit...READ MORE

Play Me: “It’s In You It’s In Me” by Sloan

The last time the long-running, Canadian power pop act, Sloan, came through Cleveland, they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 1992 album, Twice Removed with a two set show which included the album from front-to-back and a second set of their greatest hits. Inspired by how well the anniversary tour was going, they mentioned how they'd record a new album and then do a similar event for the follow-up to Twice Removed, O...READ MORE

Watch Me: “Sunshine” by Nights

It should go without saying, but not every band in your local scene arrives fully realized. For every one act you're convinced could be huge, ok indie huge, if only the right person or right website would only notice, there are countless others who need more time to get it right. Unfortunately, when you're working local gigs in a town like Cleveland, time isn't always your ally. Whether it's band members moving away or the tedium...READ MORE
7 Score

The Rockometer: S/T by California X

                California X California X Don Giovanni Records By deftly straddling the line between power pop and hard rock, Big Star and bigger guitars, Guided by Voices "Motor Away" and Motorhead, Badfinger and Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger, California X's self-titled debut is the type of album you'll know whether it is for you within the first 30 seconds of l...READ MORE

Three Fer Thursday: New Jams by Iceage, Merchandise, and the History of Apple Pie

Like a turbo-charged, military-grade Hummer tuned for the drag strip, "Coalition," the new single by Danish punks, Iceage, somehow manages to be burly, intimidating and fleet all at once.  It's body, fortified by thick, hanging guitars, seems more apt for the disinterested or those who'd rather feign disinterest while sheathing a crowd in scorching noise.  And yet, from the first drum kick, it's off to the races for this battle...READ MORE