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Twofer Wednesday: A Pair of New Jams by Little Bighorn

There was a time when I would have answered the questions "Who is the best rock band in Cleveland?" and "Who is the most unappreciated band in ...
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John Soeder of The Plain Dealer Lists 25 Cleveland Bands to Watch

Have you seen the Plain Dealer today?  Music critic, John Soeder, has penned a massive feature on 25 Cleveland bands to watch.  Cleveland Rocks, ...
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The Rockometer: Pass the Stone by Prisoners

Prisoners Pass the Stone Guitarist/vocalist, Jason Look, and his young band of rockers, Prisoners, have been laying their claim on local stages ...
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Cleveland Rock is Dead, Long Live Cleveland Rock

Strangely enough, it wasn't the move of Black Keys drummer, Pat Carney, from Akron to NYC, or the seemingly imminent relocation of bandmate Dan ...
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From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Black Angels Slotted to Headline WRUW’s Studio-A-Rama

WRUW has done it again.  A year after bringing in the legendary post-punk band, Mission of Burma, to headline Studio-A-Rama they've snatched The ...
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On Coffinberry’s Farewell Gig at Pat’s in the Flats

* There's this concept in sports, "Going out on top," where an athlete retires after a big victory while he's still in his peak.  Sure, he or she ...
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From the IRCWHQ: Score a Free Cleveland Rock Comp from Limewire, The Scene, and Hot in Cleveland

Hey Cleveland Rockers, if you have time for an extra click or two, head on over to the Limewire store where there's a brand new Cleveland rock comp ...
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Tonight: Prisoners and Cloud Nothings @ The Happy Dog

While the full concert calendar for July is still on its way, there's one event coming up which deserves some special attention.  Tonight, two of ...
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