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Jam Packed Wednesday with The National, Laura Marling, Hebronix (ex-Yuck), and Pure X

As of this afternoon, approximately 712,000 people have listened to The National's new single, "Demons," on Youtube. I was not one of them. I may ...
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Jam Pack Wednesday: The Strokes, The Stevens, Mogwai, Pure X, and Rachel Zeffira

The Strokes' "All the Time" is not the return to form single everyone wishes it would be. To be a true return to the peak of reserved cool, one ...
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“Easy” by Pure X

Pure X's "Easy" lazes in a dream-like haze of effects-laden guitar and maximum echo vocals, transforming what could easily be a slowly strummed ...
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“Dry Ice” by Pure X

A lot of modern bands are good at mimicking blasted out guitar tones of the Reid Brothers and just as many excel at following the interstellar ...
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