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Moving Pictures: “Hey Friend” by JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the Brotherhood's "Hey Friend" is a tale of two songs played out over a tale of the road. The first half is an extended jam into murky, Southern psychedelic rock, all dark and winding with sick riffs in the style of bands like Black Mountain or Dead Meadow. The second half has a noticeably different tone. After a clean break, The Brotherhood stomp the pedals and hit on some early grunge, all big and thick and brooding and...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Sharevari” by The Dirtbombs

Now, this is interesting. The Dirtbombs, the Motor City garage rock band who first made a name for themselves ten years ago with Ultraglide in Black, an album of rocked-up, mucked up covers of classic soul, have a new album coming out early in 2011 called Party Store. This time around, they're re-interpreting classic Detroit techno by the likes of Derick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Carl Craig. Sure, it sounds like a crazy idea...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Don’t Stop Now (Live at Matador’s 21st Birthday Party) by Guided by Voices

There's a moment when Guided by Voices play the ballad, "Don't Stop Now," live, it happened in Columbus, it happened in Detroit, and I'm willing to bet it's happened every other stop on the tour, where the crowd loudly joins in during the line, "King Sht*t and the Golden Boys!" This video from Matador Records' 21st Birthday celebration in Las Vegas completely misses that moment. The audio quality is so good that you all you get...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Heathen Child” by Grinderman

Warning: The video you are about to watch contains brief nudity, comedic violence, mildly disturbing imagery, an incredible song with the most bad-ass electric bouzouki ever, caricatures of the world's great religions which some may find inappropriate, and the men of Grinderman dressed as immortal centurions behaving rather badly.  In other words, it totally rules. VIDEO: Grinderman - Heathen Child Grinderman's new album, ...READ MORE

Live: Black Mountain @ Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. 07.24.10

If the crowd Saturday night at the Beachland Ballroom for the heavy, psychedelic grooves of Vancouver's Black Mountain was sparser than expected, it was not without good reason. Hometown heroes, The Black Keys, were playing in front of a sold out crowd at the Nautica Pavilion in the Flats at roughly the same time. The crowd, the band, venue management, and band management were all quite aware of what was going on cross-town, and ye...READ MORE

2010 Pitchfork Music Festival: Pavement

Thousands of people came to Union Park to see indie-rock icons, Pavement, reunite.  No one came to Union Park on Sunday for Rockin' Rian Murphy.  Yet, there he was, up on the big stage, introducing the night's headliners.  And from the moment he opened his mouth, it was a disaster.  First, he said he was at Lollapalooza, not Pitchfork.  Trying to correct himself, he added that Pitchfork's main purpose was to nurture young ba...READ MORE

2010 Pitchfork Music Festival: Lightning Bolt

At approximately 3:45, a text message was sent from a music critic to his photographer.  It read, "All these bands are boring the sh*t out of me."  At approximately 4:15, the maniacal Lightning Bolt took to the A stage.  Goodbye, boring.  Hello, thrashing. To imagine the sound of this Providence, Rhode Island two-piece, think of the biggest piece of heavy machinery you can picture, like one of those humungous tunnel-drilli...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Little Old Me” by Prisoners

Jason Look and his bandmates in the Cleveland garage-rock outfit, Prisoners, have come a long way from those first in-stores at Blue Arrow Records.  Early on, you could tell Look had the persona of a rocker, with his hell could care mop of hair, and his throttling voice, eerily similar to a young Paul Westerberg. They had the sound, a three guitar, loose and loud bar-rock style, the likes of which never goes out of style in a...READ MORE

“Electrocution (Bill Fox Cover)” by Nada Surf

Even those familiar with Cleveland singer/songwriter Bill Fox's solo discography may not be familiar with "Electrocution," a track which first appeared on a 1998 compilation on Anyway Records titled, I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records.  Fox's version, of course, had all the hallmarks which made (And still make) his solo output so engrossing -- The home-made production quality, nimble guitar picking, a roughened voice, and cl...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: "H.M.A. (Heavy Metal Addict)" by Boris

Never let it be said that Japanese heavy music maestros, Boris, don't like to have fun. Granted, the 60 minute drones in their catalog bear the hallmark of a serious band who make serious music, but to see them live, is to see a group who are genuinely enthusiastic about melting your face with big riffs. On their last tour, especially, they were all smiles, Takeshi, striking poses as he blasted that double neck guitar, and Atsuo dr...READ MORE