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Your Guide to Surviving (and Enjoying) Record Store Day in Cleveland

Although Record Store Day won't celebrate its seventh birthday until Saturday, it's already entering its awkward teenage phase. Some shop owners ...
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Do It: Record Store Day in Cleveland, Saturday, April 20th

Tomorrow is Record Store Day and as in past years, Music Saves, This Way Out, The Beachland and Blue Arrow Records are teaming together to bring ...
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News Jam: The Full Slate of Record Store Day Releases Has Been Revealed

Of all the made-up holidays on the modern calendar, Record Store Day is one of the finest. When else do you get to queue up in the cold of the ...
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Rock All Over Waterloo on Record Store Day

Record Store Day is far more than a Black Friday for vinyl lovers, an event where record buyers line the street outside their favorite shops on ...
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From the Rocker’s Notebook: Record Store Day in Cleveland 2011

* Talk to people at the record stores on Record Store Day and you quickly find out no one likes the exclusivity of the event.  The record buyers ...
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Record Store Day on Waterloo: Special Events, Bands, DJs, and…Records

The original idea behind Record Store Day was to take one day out of the year to celebrate record store culture, not the big box music sellers ...
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The Big List of Record Store Day 2011 Releases

For crate diggers like myself, Record Store Day is the undisputed king of unofficial holidays.  Why?  Take a look at some of the releases ...
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Saturday: Celebrate Record Store Day With Your Friends on Waterloo

We've already talked about some of the prime limited-edition vinyl being released to coincide with Record Store Day 2010, but there's more to ...
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