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Resurrection Vinyl: Selections From a Month of Record Collecting Featuring Desaparecidos, Birds of Maya, Spacin’, Redd Kross and PJ Harvey

Desaparecidos - Read Music, Speak Spanish (2002) How we managed to get through the Occupy Movement, not to mention all of the continued distrust ...
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Not Released, But Sounded Sweet in 2012: Selections from a Year of Record Collecting

Eric's Trip - Songs About Chris (1993) With our pocket computers running Shazam, Spotify, YouTube and Google, it's nearly impossible to lose a song ...
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The Rockometer: Researching the Blues by Redd Kross

Redd Kross Researching the Blues Merge Records Kiddie punks, pop-culture junkies, pranksters, producers, pop music savants, friends of and ...
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“Researching the Blues” by Redd Kross

A big part of the story of Redd Kross' reunion has nothing to do with Redd Kross, per se.  Before it was even announced that there would be a ...
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