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News Jam Clevo: The Cleveland Connection to Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and His Solo Project Tim Timebomb and Friends

Over the past two months, Tim Armstrong of the long-running Bay Area punk band, Rancid, has been releasing a collection of covers of some of his favorite songs along with the occasional original track under the title Tim Timebomb and Friends on his website. This varied collection not only includes ska, punk, and reggae tracks but also country, northern soul, and zydeco. There's a Shangri-La's cover ("Heaven Only Knos"), a track by Br...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Love Interruption” by Jack White

At the end of the White Stripes run, it was becoming apparent that the duo of Jack and Meg White had gotten themselves into a creative corner. People were split in two camps -- Those who were thrilled they were still doing the blues-rock duo thing and those that had tired of it. Side projects like The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs did little to change the perception of those who thought the White Stripes were in a rut. Aft...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Born Alone” by Wilco

Ever since guitarist Nels Cline joined the band Wilco, and especially after 2007's Sky Blue Sky, my constant complaint with this current lineup of the band is that Cline is consistently under used. I remember being floored by the man's work during the Ghost is Born tour. His playing was loud and inventive. His tone was ragged, yet surprisingly clear, like Thurston Moore himself was shredding right there, next to vocalist Jeff ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Our Blood by Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner Our Blood Merge Records Working with a quiet confidence, a naturally smooth and deep voice (one like Evan Dando's, but with a lot less crack damage), and deceptively attentive arrangements brimming with details for the patient ear, it's no wonder Richard Buckner has never risen to a larger profile.  His brand of downtrodden folk all sounds too easy on an album like Our Blood.  Do you hear that fractured static ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Marble Son by Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter Marble Son Station Grey Records Considering how Marble Son has been billed as Jesse Sykes' electric rock album, it's surprising how little its opening track, "Hushed by Devotion" does to further this story line. Yes, Sykes' voice is as brilliant as ever -- Husky, smoky, and a little rough around the edges; Nuanced, foreboding, and surprisingly calm. The problem is not Sykes, but her backing ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: No Witch by Cave Singers

The Cave Singers No Witch Jagjaguwar For Pretty Girls Make Graves founding member and bassist, Derek Fudesco, the transition from the scathing post-punk of his former band to the sounds of the pastoral, Northwest in his new band, The Cave Singers came natural.  Maybe, too natural.  Along with vocalist Pete Quirk, and Marty Lund, the trio easily blended mystical guitar lines and front-porch freedom folk for two albums on Matado...READ MORE