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“Dry Ice” by Pure X

A lot of modern bands are good at mimicking blasted out guitar tones of the Reid Brothers and just as many excel at following the interstellar sounds of Spacemen3 and Spiritualized. Few, however, show themselves capable of adding any new ideas to that base, UK shoegaze sound. The Austin trio, Pure X, are an exception. Listening to the track "Dry Ice," with its woozy tempo, and its ever slight twang is like being right there in a T...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Only in My Double Mind” by Centro-Matic

The art of Texas artist Will Johnson is on full display in the video for "Only in My Double Mind," the first single from Centro-Matic's forthcoming album, Candidate Waltz. The song is classic Centro-Matic, burly and brooding, rustic Rock 'N' Roll with Johnson's soulfully, gruff voice providing the punctuation marks. The song, however, is only half the story here. The video also features Johnson creating a wall-sized painting o...READ MORE

Moving Pictures Triple Feature With Spindrift’s Classic Soundtracks

In 2009, the LA band, Spindrift re-released the soundtrack to The Legend of God's Gun, a movie written by lead-singer Kirpatrick Thomas, inspired by his admiration of director Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns and the scores of Ennio Morricone. While the film itself wasn't much to speak of, the soundtrack was a wondrous suite of music which updated the work of Morricone with American styled psychedelic rock. Fast forward tw...READ MORE

“Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart” by Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka sure know how to pull those tattered heart strings of an unemployed man who spends too much time pondering his lot. "Close to Every Valve of Your Bleeding Heart" is a sad song, and a drinking song, with the added punch of some Doestoevsky name dropping. At first its, "Only Doestoevsky would dream up a pair like us." Then, as the band picks up steam, and guitar picking and a lonely, broken voice become power chords a...READ MORE

“When the Devil’s Loose” by A A Bondy

While A. A. Bondy may have plugged in for "When the Devil's Loose," the title track to his forthcoming sophomore release, he hasn't lost the intimacy which made American Hearts such a delightful listen. Like much of his debut, "When the Devil's Loose," is rustic and hushed, birthed in rural America, and delivered with plain simplicity. The only difference being, this time around it sounds as if he's found a new new friend or two,...READ MORE

“The Mountain” by Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards' Erika Wennerstrom has an unmistakable voice. It's a big, brassy voice. One which conveys the power of a woman who's seen plenty of hard times, and rocked them all. It's not a perfect voice in the American Idol sense, I'm pretty sure it's flat and a bit pitchy, yet, if we're talking about raw power, she has few rivals in modern rock music. Yet, Wennerstrom's pipes are only one key component of "The Moun...READ MORE

“When it Reins” by The Builders and The Butchers

Like the best recommendations, I didn't hear about The Builders and The Butchers from Pandora, Last FM, iTunes Genius, or even the Zune. No, I first heard about this Portland roots-music ensemble when I was talking shop outside The Beachland Ballroom during a concert one evening. The story I heard, about a band leading a parade out of the club, through the streets, and back into the club, sounded almost too good to be true. Arou...READ MORE

“Evil Urges” by My Morning Jacket

While a recent scientific study may have revealed 2:42 to be the perfect length for a pop song, the same isn't true for a rock song. If My Morning Jacket's "Evil Urges" had cut off before the three minute mark, you'd be missing the best part: the jam. Sure, "Evil Urges" would be pleasant enough with Jim James' fluttering falsetto, and his band's easy reggae beat, but would it leave a lasting impression? Science says no. The one minut...READ MORE

"S.T.H.D." by Ladyhawk

I have yet to crack the abbreviation "S.T.H.D.," the title of the latest track to emerge from Ladyhawk's forthcoming, second album, Shots. Could it be something about being stoned and/or drunk? Ladyhawk are notorious rabble rousers. Or, maybe it's some secret code only known to hunters, naturalists, nomads and other inhabitants of the Canadian wilderness. Ignoring the letters in "S.T.H.D.," I've come up with what I believe to be...READ MORE

Twofer Thursday: The Child Ballads and Biirdie

Way back in 97, Stuart Lupton and his band Jonathan Fire*Eater were tipped as the next big thing. You may have missed it. They went from next big thing to band implosion before they ever had the chance to fulfill their unrealistic hype. Three members of Jonathan Fire*Eater would go on to form the core of The Walkmen, while Lupton went on to parts unknown (not a band, mind you, but that place musicians go when they're out of the ...READ MORE