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New Jam City: New Jams by Savages, Pop. 1280, Metz, So Pitted and Spacin’

While it was never my intention to take such a long break at the end of the year, it happened. I had this broken arm from a gnarly cycling crash in November. Hey, at least I ended up sprawled across a driveway and not splattered on the street! Prior to the bike crash I had a painful arse condition. We won't talk about the arse condition except to say it wasn't the most common of painful arse conditions and it hurt like hell. Now, after five weeks in a cast I can type sometimes and not feel pain. My arse doesn't hurt every day. Things are looking up! Best of all, I'm slowly regaining my love of music. You see, when you feel pain every day every other sense is dulled. I listened to the new Sunn 0))) album but it might as well been the Starland Vocal Band. Get it? Now let's get to the jams.
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Watch Me: “The Answer” by Savages

The gym may look like a replica from Nirvana's mega-hit video, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." but, something is different here, as UK post-punk Savages, attack the ears with an aggressive, trance-like guitar riff in their video for "The Answer."
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Top Jam: “Fuckers” by Savages

From their outsanding debut album and their scorching live show, I knew the UK post-punk band, Savages, had loads of determination and I knew ...
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35 (Mostly) Rock Records You Need to Hear from 2013

Here are 35 (mostly) rock records you should hear from 2013. Why 35? Who said 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 was the standard? Not all years of music are ...
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2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: Savages

Who turned on the lights? The four women of Savages, all dressed in black slacks and black tops, all thin and all as pale as the day they were ...
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The Rockometer: Silence Yourself by Savages

                Savages Silence Yourself Matador This record is so fucking ...
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Watch Me: “Shut Up” by Savages

Post-punk is not dead, it's just been resting for the past 10 years, waiting for Interpol to put out a decent follow-up, leaving those who like ...
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A Jam Packed Wednesday with Weekend, BEAK>, Pharmakon, and Savages

As the lead track from their second full-length (Jinx is due out July 23rd on Slumberland), Weekend's "Mirror" sets the stage for a another round ...
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