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A Jam Packed Wedesday with The Black Angels, California X, Screaming Females, and Moon Duo

"Molly Moves My Generation," from soon-to-be-released 10" split single on Fuzz Club, and its easily the deepest, darkest track this Austin psych bunch have put out in years. And just when you think these vets are content to ride out on a drone, they go full thrash mode. More of this, please.
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Shredding Females: New Jams from Marnie Stern and Screaming Females

It sure is nice to hear Marnie Stern hasn't lost one bit of that guitar-geekery which has made her the apple in many a young indie rocker's eye ...
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Moving Pictures: "Bell" by Screaming Females

Seeing as though Marnie Stern still won't return any of my calls, texts, and emails, and all of those lovely fruit baskets I've sent to her have ...
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