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Jam Packed Wednesday feat. Sebadoh, Gap Dream, Parquet Courts, Heaven’s Gate, and TV Ghost

Those of you who were at the Grog Shop the last time Sebadoh made it to Cleveland should recognize the next track. On that particular night, Lou told some self-deprecating story and then played a new song on an acoustic guitar. Ok, Lou told a lot of self-deprecating stories that night and the band played a handful of new songs. This one stood out, however. He recounted the emotion he felt as he saw his neighbors take their children t...READ MORE

Is It Possible to Measure Greatness Through a Reunion Show? I Sure Hope So

Thursday night, I had shown up to the Dinosaur, Jr show at the Beachland Ballrom on Cleveland's east side, some two-and-a-half hours before J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph would even think of taking the stage. Facebook said the show would be close to a sell-out.  I didn't want to miss out. I strode to Music Saves, my favorite record store on the street and ran into a friend of mine, Tim, who was also unnecessarily prompt. After a...READ MORE

Live Review: Sebadoh @ Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights 4.4.11

Games to Play Before a Sebadoh Concert: 1.  Were you there in '97? 2. Guess the median age (Hint, it's somewhere between 35 and 44). 3. Spot the Lou Barlow look-alikes (I stopped after I counted three standing directly behind me). 4. Receding hair line race (I couldn't play this game, like Lou, I have a mop top that will never stop growing). 5. Obscure alt-band from the '90s t-shirt hunt (Last night's winner was Cath...READ MORE

2008 Pitchfork Music Festival Day 1: Sebadoh and Public Enemy

The final two bands on Friday night provided a stark contrast in styles and attitudes. First, you had the gee, aww-shucks we're in a rock band and we're going to play a few songs for you tonight, demeanor of Sebadoh, who were to be followed by the larger than life personas of Chuck D, Flava Flav, and Public Enemy. Sebadoh's classic lo-fi style, perfected on albums like Bubble and Scrape (which they performed in its entirety), is...READ MORE