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The Rockometer: Guilty of Everything by Nothing

    Nothing Guilty of Everything Relapse Nothing are not your average, new shoegaze band. For one, the label of home of this Philadelphia outfit, Relapse records, is a metal label. In other words, Relapse bands don't do cute. Secondly, there's the case of Nothing's lead singer, Dominic Palermo. Around the turn of the century, he fronted the hardcore punk band Horror Show. It was during that time he was picked...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Jinx by Weekend

                    Weekend Jinx Slumberland Records All this beauty, and to what end? Jinx, the sophomore album by the NYC via San Francisco band Weekend, is one of the most complete recreations of late '80s and early '90s UK dream pop and shoegaze you're likely to come across. Not one whoosh and not one whir is out of place. Drums, vocals, k...READ MORE

Friday Jam Pack feat. Destruction Unit, Running, Black Hearted Brother, Zola Jesus, Neko Case and Gap Dream

Destruction Unit mean it this time. After an uneven debut EP, these Arizona shredders are living up to their name. "Bumpy Road," is but one sample of the type of mad brutal, psychedelic garage rock to be found on their forthcoming Sacred Bones release. Trust me, the rest of Deep Trip (8.20 on Sacred Bones) is just as heavy. Do you like feedback? Do you really like feedback? Excuse me while I ask the same question a third tim...READ MORE

Play Me: “It’s Alright” by Weekend

"It's Alright" may not be the most impressive song in the discography of Brooklyn via San Francisco, post-punk band, Weekend, but it is another perfect example of what this trio does best: Tone and texture. A light fog hovers over the three-and-half minutes of "It's Alright," never quite receding, lending a late night/early morning vibe to the proceedings. The bass, meanwhile, is vintage doom and gloom, the likes of which consume...READ MORE
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Top Jam: “Kidult” by His Electro Blue Voice

What's a music tech company to do once they launch their music service? Create a recommendation engine, of course. Being able to recommend an artist or track based on a user's existing playback data is the holy grail of both streaming and download services, and Spotify is but the latest to think they've done music recommendation right. I'm glad these groups are trying. However, try as they might, for a heavy music consumers li...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: m b v by My Bloody Valentine

                My Bloody Valentine m b v I heard the jokes, too. On Saturday, February 2nd, the night Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine finally got around to releasing their forever delayed follow-up to their 1991 breakthrough album, Loveless, Twitter was buzzing with a mix of frustration and excitement from a fanbase growing increasingly impatient with an...READ MORE
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Play Me: “in another way/nothing is” by my bloody valentine

Something strange and something wonderful happens on the second half of My Bloody Valentine's eternally delayed new album, m b v, and we're not talking about the fact this thing actually exists. This is strange and wonderful: And so is this: Both songs show a way forward for Kevin Shields and his band, one that doesn't involve tinkering with a basic, albeit groundbreaking template developed some 20 years ago. Whe...READ MORE
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Play Me: “she found now” by my bloody valentine

After twenty-two years, three excruciating hours where servers heaved and crumpled under the crush of an excited fanbase, and perhaps, even some intervention by President Obama, Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine have released their new album. It's simply titled, m b v, lowercase and spaces, please. This album will be obsessed over during the coming days. There will be memes, and backlash from the clever side of the web, an...READ MORE

Friday Jam Round Up Featuring Metz, Weekend, and Ladyhawk

Rare is the noise-punk band who can make old noise sound new again. Recent Sub Pop signings, Metz, may be one such, rare band. "Wet Blanket," does the trick by marrying the fuzz and scuzz of Northwest bands gone by with clanging industrial rock. This one is out October 9th on Sub Pop. MP3: Metz - Wet Blanket --- Also coming October 9th, is the third release from Vancouver longhairs, Ladyhawk. "No Can Do," is a stellar exampl...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Nootropics by Lower Dens

Lower Dens Nootropics Ribbon Music Have you heard this one?  Two librarians, two IT workers, and a very serious German dude walk into a bar and tell the bartender, "Hi, we're the band."  The bartender looks at the two librarians, two IT workers, and the very serious German dude and looks at his schedule and sees that yes, there is a band called Lower Dens playing tonight, and then takes another look at the two librarians, two...READ MORE