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“Do You Want to Give $$$” by Sic Alps

Nearly three years have passed since Sic Alps last album, US EZ, was released on Siltbreeze.  In that time, the Bay Area duo has become a trio ...
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Monday Jam-O-Rama Featuring Thomas Function, Boston Spaceships, Sic Alps, and Kurt Vile

Consider this part one of what I would have been rocking had I not been moving and interviewing over the past couple weeks. Tomorrow we'll get to ...
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The Rockometer feat. Fucked Up, Oneida, Dr Dog, Sic Alps, Oxford Collapse, Julie Ocean, and David Vandervelde

Fucked UpYear of the Pig (2008 Matador EP)Matador RecordsOver the course of a year, Fucked Up's more epic than epic, 18 minute, political, progre...
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“Bathman” by Sic Alps

With the re-emergence of the lo-fi aesthetic led by bands like Times New Viking, No Age, and Psychedelic Horseshit, it's only natural to wonder ...
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“Bells (With Tremolo and Distoriton) and “Love Is Strange” by Sic Alps

With an affinity for limited run releases on obscure labels in obscure formats (including cassettes), it hasn't been easy keeping up with Sic ...
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