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Top Jam: “Grease” by Obnox

  What Lamont "Bim" Thomas does as Obnox is not unique. Rather, Obnox shouldn't be unique. Instead of approaching popular music's history in a linear way -- First there were the bluesmen, then the white men who stole from the black bluesmen. Then the white men got fat on Rock 'N' Roll and became prog rockers. Thankfully, the punks came and reminded us rock was about the old bluesmen all along -- he sees rock's past and fu...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “You Don’t Care About Me” by Wesley Bright & The Hi-Lites

True story. I had the pleasure of opening for Wesley Bright & The Hi-Lites first shows in Cleveland during the 2012 Waterloo Arts Fest. I was there to play records between bands in the Beachland Tavern. My set wasn't very memorable. I played some rock, punk, and garage and sucked down some Bell's Oberon. People came and went. I didn't know who Wesley Bright was and I didn't know what the Hi-Lites did. However, once that man a...READ MORE

News Jam Clevo: The Cleveland Connection to Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and His Solo Project Tim Timebomb and Friends

Over the past two months, Tim Armstrong of the long-running Bay Area punk band, Rancid, has been releasing a collection of covers of some of his favorite songs along with the occasional original track under the title Tim Timebomb and Friends on his website. This varied collection not only includes ska, punk, and reggae tracks but also country, northern soul, and zydeco. There's a Shangri-La's cover ("Heaven Only Knos"), a track by Br...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Coexist by The XX

The XX Coexist Beggars/XL The XX's first album, a 2009 self-titled affair, became the indie make-out album of the decade in large part due to its hushed, minimal approach to modern R&B which utilized clean guitar lines, slinky keys and whispered vocals traded between the boy-girl duo of Romy Madley-Croft and Jamie Smith. 2012's follow-up, Coexist, will likely end up being the indie make-out album of 2012 for the very same re...READ MORE

The Rockometer: S/T by Royal Headache

Royal Headache Royal Headache What's Your Rupture Seven words you will never hear on television: "And your next American Idol is Shogun."  And it's not because the lead singer of the Australian garage-rock band, Royal Headache, couldn't win a tv singing competition.  On the contrary, the man who goes by Shogun has the pipes to rival some of the greatest male vocalists of all time, and if I was a producer looking for a ringer, ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes Boys and Girls ATO Records Don't you hate it when you're reading a review of a hot new band, like let's say, this one by the throwback, soul-shaking rock band, Alabama Shakes, for example, and the reviewer does that classic reviewer dick move and instead of dealing with the album at hand says something along the lines of, "Why bother with Alabama Shakes when you could be listening to other better bands like Sharon...READ MORE

Top Jam: Let Them Talk by Spoek Mathambo

On his debut record for Sub Pop, South African Spoek Mathambo's vision of township tech encompasses everything from rap, funk, soul, 8-bit electronic music, post-punk and pretty much every micro genre of popular music you can imagine. That can be a problem sometimes. Tracks often feel overstuffed with ideas, weighed down by their own ambition. You'll find yourself talking to the stereo, "Just kill the bleeps and we'd have ours...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Will Do” by TV on the Radio

The fact that TV on the Radio have not yet achieved the type of world domination that their never-ending stream of critically acclaimed albums should indicate is not an indictment of the collected talent of this genre-busting band. If anything, TV on The Radio may be too good, inadvertently erecting walls of complexity between themselves and their music by doing nothing more than following their muse. This is not saying simpler...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Thunder on the Mountain” by Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson isn't the first icon of American roots music to get the Jack White treatment.  That was Lorretta Lynn, of course, whose White-produced 2004 record, Van Lear Rose, helped re-launch the career of one of country music's all time greats.  Now, the Queen of Rockbilly gets her turn, and judging by "Thunder on the Mountain," the first single from the soon to be released, The Party Ain't Over, we may soon witness a simila...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Brothers by The Black Keys

The Black Keys Brothers Nonesuch Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney of The Black Keys sure kept themselves busy during the time between their latest full length, Brothers, and their previous album, 2008's Attack and Release.  First, there was Keep it Hid, the Dan Auerbach solo album released in the spring of '09, recorded with the backing of San Antonio roots-rock band, Hacienda.  Carney then countered with Drummer, an indie rock sup...READ MORE
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