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The Rockometer: King Animal by Soundgarden

Soundgarden King Animal Universal Republic There was a phrase, rather a song title, from the peak of grunge in the early '90s used to describe tracks like those found on Soundgarden's comeback album, King Animal: The "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter." Not that Chris Cornell and company exactly shied away from writing hits on their latter albums the first time around. Songs like "Black Hole Sun" and "Fell on Black Days," from the gr...READ MORE

News of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Kind: That New My Bloody Valentine Record Probably Ain’t Happenin’, But a New Cleveland Rock Compilation Is Definitely Coming Out

A recap of recent music news because I'm a maker, damnit, and I don't have time to read and re-tweet every piece of music news during the week. And I suspect, you're a maker, too, and similarly, don't have time for every, tweet, like and piece, either. Borrowing a line from a friend of mine, get ready for Chinese Democracy, Too. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine assures us the long-awaited follow-up to his band's 1991 masterp...READ MORE

Hey, This New Soundgarden Jam Is Not Nearly As Horrible As One Might Expect Considering the Shit Output of Other Veteran Hard-Rockers

No, really, it's not that bad. Sure, when you compare Chris Cornell's voice here, on the comeback single, "Been Away Too Long," to his voice during Soundgarden's mid-'90s heyday, you'll find it not nearly as robust. The Rock 'N' Roll lifestyle and age has a habit of reducing one's range. And, let's be honest. The bar for veteran hard-rockers isn't especially high these days. See Metallica and Lulu. See Chinese Democracy. See Chri...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Black Rain” by Soundgarden

Better than a new Soundgarden song, "Black Rain," is an outtake from the Seattle band's Badmotorfinger sessions set to be included on the band's forthcoming greatest hits package.  As such, you get the full Soundgarden in this one-- the fierce and grungy low-end, brutal guitar riffs sharing space with more nimbly picked melodies, and vocalist Chris Cornell hitting notes no man with balls should be able to hit.  Hardly a toss-o...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Pavement Greatest Hits on Its Way, Chris Cornell Gets the Band Back Together, IRC at the Beachland Brunch, and More

* Earlier this morning, Matador Records announced the details behind Pavement's forthcoming greatest hits collection, Quarantine the Past. Or, more accurately, Matador Records announced one detail -- The album with start with "Gold Soundz." The rest of the album's track list will remain a mystery for now, and that's where the fun comes in. The label is sponsoring a guess the track list contest where one winner, the one who comes c...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: "Spoonman" by Tadgarden

While Soundgarden's once mighty lead, Chris Cornell is off doing whatever it is he's doing with Timbaland, aka ruining what's left of his cred, the remaining members of Soundgarden had a reunion of sorts the other night in Seattle. And from the sound of this live video featuring fellow Seattle sludge master, Tad Doyle, on lead, dudes can still lay down those big, dirty riffs just like the good old days.YOUTUBE: Tadgarden (Matt Camer...READ MORE