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35 (Mostly) Rock Records You Need to Hear from 2013

Here are 35 (mostly) rock records you should hear from 2013. Why 35? Who said 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 was the standard? Not all years of music are equal. Some years, I list 20 albums. Some years, it's 25 albums. Others, it's 25 and a handful of honorable mentions. This year it's 35 because there was a definite line between albums I've spent considerable time listening to and I've grown to love, the second group, those that are flawe...READ MORE

Jam Packed Thursday Featuring Superchunk, Obliterations, Disappears, and Mogwai

Today is Halloween and do you know what that means? Indie rock Misfits covers. Whether it's Ted Leo, Evan Dando, or Superchunk, I never tire of indie rock Misfits covers. This year's indie rock Misfits cover is a special one, too. Superchunk's take on "Children in Heat," while largely done by the books, servers a larger purpose. It's also the introduction to Merge Records' 25th Anniversary singles club called, Or Thousands of Pri...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: I Hate Music by Superchunk

                  Superchunk I Hate Music Merge Records "I hope I die before I get old" - The Who - "My Generation" "It's better to burn out than to fade away" - Neil Young - "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) "I hate music/what is it worth/Can't bring anyone/Back to this earth" - Superchunk - "Me and You and Jackie Mittoo" If one were to ask S...READ MORE

Who Likes Rock Records? A Certifiable Shit-Ton Of 8.20 Rock Releases Has Hit The Internet

There is, quite literally, a shit-ton of new rock releases from 8.20 streaming over the internet at this very moment. The new Ty Segall record on Drag City is streaming at NPR along with the new ones by Superchunk and No Age. Spin has the stream of Jeff the Brotherhood's label brethren, Diarrhea Planet. Meanwhile, over at Pitchfork, you can stream Zola Jesus' new release on their fancy advance site. As far as I can tell, no one's yet...READ MORE
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Thursday Jam Pack with No Age, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Superchunk, and Joanna Gruesome

With, "An Impression," the second track to be officially released off of No Age's An Impression, prior to album's 8/20 release on Sub Pop, it's becoming increasingly clear that the LA duo were serious about their back to basics approach. The first preview, "C'Mon Stimmung" was a shredder in the vein of their early single, "Teen Creeps." Now, its follow up, finds the band revisiting the gentle whooshes and evocative moods of the m...READ MORE

Jam Packed Wednesday feat. The Julie Ruin, Neko Case, Superchunk, and King Khan and the Shrines

At first, listening to The Julie Ruin's new single, "Oh Come On," felt like homework. It's Kathleen Hanna's new band. Of Bikini Kill...The woman practically invented riot girl rock. And, being someone who likes to think he knows something about rock, I should give this a listen, right?. Sure, the guitars are crunchy. Hanna's snarls test the limits of microphone tech. It's still there. However, I wasn't sold until the background s...READ MORE

News Jam: Black Keys Settle Lawsuits Against Home Dept and Pizza Hut, A Winter Release Update, and Cloud Nothings to Headline a NYE Bash in CLE

Akron-bred, blues rock duo, The Black Keys have settled their lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot over illegal use of their songs "Gold in the Ceiling" and "Lonely Boy" in commercials. Terms were not disclosed...Did you ever wonder how so many similar sounding songs end up in commercials in the first place? Are corporations really that evil that they won't pay to legally use a song? Yes and no. This past summer, On the Media re...READ MORE

2011 Pitchffork Music Festival Day 3: Superchunk

There are times, like during Superchunk's early evening set on Sunday, or like Guided by Voices set on Friday, or like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's performance during the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival, where I wish I could force some of those younger bands and younger fans to sit through a show and make them take notes on what it means to play Rock 'N' Roll.  Here's a hint, it takes more than strumming your guitar and singi...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Majesty Shredding by Superchunk

Superchunk Majesty Shredding Merge Majesty Shredding, the ninth album by Chapel Hill's Superchunk, is the iconic indie-rock band almost exactly as you remember them back from the days of burgeoning American DIY scene and albums like '91s No Pocky for Kitty and '93s Mower.  The agitated, guitar pop of "Digging for Something," and "My Gap Feels Weird,"  with vocalist/guitarist Mac McCaughan straining and screaming like a much yo...READ MORE

“Digging for Something” by Superchunk

The guitar playing of Superchunk's Mac McCaughan may not evoke the size and sheer loudness of Dinosaur, Jr's J Mascis, and few would claim he was inventive as Yo La Tengo's, Ira Kaplan, but McCaughan's contribution to the '90s indie-rock sound is just as important.  His early sound, a rapid, bloody-fingered screech played at high octaves and heart-racing anxiety, would go on to be a staple for both Superchunk and many bands who foll...READ MORE
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