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“Kudos” by Surf City

Surf City's '08 debut EP was too good and too short for a two year wait between releases.  Think about it.  How many made up genres have come and ...
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Moving Pictures: "Records of a Flagpole Sitter" by Surf City

At six songs and less than 20 minutes the debut EP by New Zealand's Surf City is quite the tease. Literally, I can't get enough of their ragged, ...
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Moving Pictures: "Dickshaker’s Union" by Surf City

NZ's Surf City could've named this one "Song 2," but they didn't, 'cause it's actually song 3 on their EP, and "Song 3" just doesn't conjure up the ...
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“Headin’ Inside” by Surf City

Simply put, if you're a fan of the new lo-fi sounds on Siltbreeze, or the new wave of underground punk/pop on In the Red Records, you need Surf ...
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