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Moving Pictures: “Elected (Alice Cooper Cover)” by Sweet Apple

Because it's not just the season for voting, but to be cynical about the whole damn process and then vote anyway, Sweet Apple have released a video for their cover of the Alice Cooper classic, "Elected," on the day we elect our next president. Think about all the shit we had to put up in our swing state of Ohio over the past year. Think about all the money, a record amount of money, dumped on our airwaves and into our mailboxes. ...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Sweet Apple Profiled in the Plain Dealer, TNV Recording

* In a piece entitled, For Sweet Apple, the road to indie-rock stardom began with a long drive to nowhere, John Soeder, of the Plain Dealer, interviews John Petkovic, also of the Plain Dealer (the Paper), Cobra Verde, and Sweet Apple.  And while the story of how Petkovic hooked up with Dinosaur, Jr frontman, J Mascis, is one you've probably heard before, the story of why Petkovic will be sporting a fresh cast Friday night at the Gr...READ MORE

“I’ve Got a Feeling (That Won’t Change)” by Sweetapple

With the second track from their forthcoming album now free on the internet, the methods of Sweet Apple should be abundantly clear.  Cobra Verde's John Petkovic didn't hook up with J Mascis, Tim Parnin and Dave Sweetapple in Vermont to lament his recent bout with bad times and feel sorry for himself.  Oh, that may have been his initial intention, but once there he rediscovered his passion for music and realized he could  exorc...READ MORE

Thursday is For Rocking: A Slew of New Music from the Likes of Sweet Apple, Fucked Up, Liars and More

"Do You Remember" is the first single by the new rock project, Sweet Apple, a band comprised of John Petkovic and Tim Parnin of Cobra Verde with Dinosaur, Jr's J Mascis and Witch's Dave Sweetapple. The power pop/metal sound of "Do You Remeber" is one which should be quickly identifiable to those who've kept up with the latter day output of Cobra Verde. Yet, with J Mascis in tow, you get the added bonus of shredding solos from one of ...READ MORE