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A Jam Packed Tuesday with Deaf Wish, Negative Scanner, Terry Malts, and Purling Hiss

20 some years ago, Seattle was the city kicking out essential jams on what seemed like a weekly basis. Today, the city on everyone's lips should be Melbourne, Australia, it's not, but the rate at which this locale long off the Rock 'N' Roll map continues to produce the goods, it's becoming harder and harder to ignore. What began with Eddy Current Suppression Ring, has grown to include recent Merge Records signees, The Twerps, ECSR offshoots Total Control and Boomgates, Dick Diver, Lower Plenty, UV Race, and likely a host of others.
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A Jam Packed Wednesday with Miss Destiny, Terry Malts, Girl Band, Gap Dream, J Mascis, and Nude Beach

With the likes of White Lung, Perfect Pussy, and Priests all making noise in the underground, 2014 is likely to go down as the year women returned ...
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The Rockometer: The Rolling Stone Three-And-A-Half Star Takeover Edition

Oh, three-and-a-half star review, how you've been done wrong. By trotting you out whenever the editors didn't want to offend, Rolling Stone ruined ...
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Play Me: “I Was Not There” by Terry Malts

Bay Area band, Terry Malts, do one thing and they do that one thing very, very well -- They write smart, catchy pop-tunes and set them to ...
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The Rockometer: Killing Time by Terry Malts

Terry Malts Killing Time Slumberland Self-described as sounding like Black Flag Tambourine, or as I prefer to call it, Jesus and Mary and ...
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Two-fer Thursday: New Jams by Terry Malts and Dirty Ghosts

The fuzz pop of San Francisco's Terry Malts is equally indebted to the flapping, mop tops and punk rock of The Ramones and the disaffected stares ...
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“Tumble Down” by Terry Malts

Everything released to date by the San Francisco power pop band Terry Malts has been pure gold.  Granted, in this case everything amounts to two ...
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Twofer Wednesday: “Distracted” and “Something About You” by Terry Malts

When dealing with a sound as sweet as San Francisco power pop band, Terry Malts, there's always the danger of an overdose. It's just so simple -- ...
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