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Punk Rock is Bullshit, So Says Some Guy Named John Roderick

Because I'm a modern man, and the modern man only reads articles on the internet which reinforce his narrow ways of thinking, I've been able to ...
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Hey You! Music Journalist: Here Are 10 Questions to Ask Iceage During Your Interview Session. They’re Free to Use, Really

Interviews are hard. First you have to come up with questions, ones no other journalist has asked before. This means research and research can ...
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Ridiculous, Your Name is Beck and a 167-Piece Orchestra Shilling for Lincoln

Last night, upon seeing Beck's new car commercial composition, a cover of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision," for a new Lincoln campaign, I could ...
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Know Your Enemy: Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates, Spandau Ballet and Those Who Blindly Follow Are Doomed to a Life of Gentle Bands

Earlier today, The Daily Swarm pulled out this quote by James Lachno of the Daily Telegraph about his unashamed love of Fleetwood Mac. Apparently, ...
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About Pitchfork’s People’s List

When Pitchfork first announced their plans to poll their readership to gauge the top albums of the past 15 years, my reaction was something along ...
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