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Jam Pack Friday with This Moment in Black History, Dead Sweaters, B. Hamilton, James Murphy and Pulp, and Wax Idols

In talking with the Plain Dealer's John Benson, This Moment in Black History's Lamont "Bim" Thomas described Higher Deffer, his band's newest effort as a back to basics record with bite, "We just dove back in just trying to get back to what it was about and having some fun. Instead of going with [producers] Jim Diamond or Steve Albini, we just got back to what we do, simple recording process, good songs, good acoustics and it turned ...READ MORE

Public Service Announcement: VOTE! on November 6th

Look, I'm not here to tell you how to vote tomorrow. I have my reasons. You have your reasons. And, I'm not about to get into an argument over whose platform would be better for you, your family, and a big city like Cleveland. This is a music website where we can argue about music in a friendly manner. I have no interest in stoking flamethrowers and trolls. The important thing is that you participate in this thing cal...READ MORE

Play Me: “Lottery Dad” by This Moment in Black History

All of you Rock 'N' Roll lifers out there, take notice. This is how one ages gracefully. Cleveland's This Moment in Black History first made their name in these parts with a caustic, hectic, and often times uncomfortable brand of Clevo punk. Lead vocalist, Chris Kulcsar screeched more than he sang and that noise box of his was often pitched way high and way loud, obscuring the tight musicianship of bassist Lawrence Daniel Caswell,...READ MORE

From the Critic’s Notebook: News and Notes from The Beachland’s 11th Anniversary Variety Show

* Those who showed up to the Beachland's 11th anniversary party Saturday night hoping to catch another glimpse of local buzz band, Cloud Nothings, didn't actually get to see Cloud Nothings, but were instead treated to a unique, solo-acoustic set by the band's frontman, Dylan Baldi.  Don't read too much into his band's absence.  This wasn't a spat between bandmembers, and Baldi hasn't gone all Rock 'N' Roll, hookers and blow, on us....READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Broken Social Scene Releases New Single, The Tripwire Profiles Future of the Left, Brite Winter Festival Set for Feb 27th, and More

* First, there was Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew. Then came Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning.  Next, of course, came the Broken Social Scene albums which didn't  quite make the cut, like, Broken Social Scene Presents Cinderella on Ice and Broken Social Scene Presents The Tim Horton's Polar Bear Bowl.  Now, this past Friday, the much loved, and very much amorphous, Canadian indie-rock troupe, Broken Social Sc...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: This Moment in Black History’s Lawrence Caswell Speaks to Alt Press About Race and Punk

I know what you're thinking, "Man, I haven't read Alt-Press since I was 16 Man, I've never read that mall-punk rag Alt Press."  Just hear me out.  This is one article worth your click.  This Moment in Black History's Lawrence Caswell talks in depth about race and rock music withLuke O’Neil for the web cover story, It Takes A Nation Of Millions--Black punk and indie musicians on the scene's current state of race relations.  Amon...READ MORE

The First Acts Have Been Announced for The Beachland’s Tenth Anniversary Weekend

..And they're a couple big ones.  Friday, March 5th, the legendary, and I mean legendary Cleveland band, Pere Ubu will be playing the Ballroom.  Then, on Saturday night, March 6th, another legend, and I assure you I'm not over-using the words legend and/or legendary, takes the stage in the Ballroom, Roky Erickson of the 13th Floor Elevators. One other show has been announced for the Beachland's anniversary weekend.  This one is...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Public Square by This Moment in Black History

This Moment in Black History Public Square Smog Veil If you're looking for a ripping, shredding, and rocking good time in 2010, then look no further than This Moment in Black History's Public Square.  More diverse, more melodic, and way more listenable than their previous releases, Public Square showcases keyboardist/vocalist Chris Kulcsar, guitarist Buddy Akita, bassist Lawrence Daniel Caswell, and drummer Lamont "Bim" Thomas ...READ MORE

Death, Rough Francis, This Moment in Black History Live @ The Beachland Ballroom Cleveland. 09.27.09

For the Detroit proto-punk band, Death, Sunday night's show at the Beachland Ballroom was supposed to provide the story book ending to a tale which began some 30 years ago when the three Hackney brothers, Bobby, David, and Dannis, discovered Rock 'N' Roll and traded in their R&B dreams for the big riffage of MC5 and The Stooges.The stage was set with life-sized portraits of the deceased brother, David, hanging on either side of t...READ MORE

Tonight: Free Show at Blue Arrow Records feat. Lawton Brothers, Prisoners, and Kid Flamingo. This Moment in Black History at The Beachland Tavern

Now, this is what I call recession friendly entertainment -- Two shows tonight on Waterloo, six bands, one dj, and all for five bucks. First, at Blue Arrow Records, there's a free show with The Lawton Brothers and Prisoners with me, Kid Flamingo, dropping tunes before and between sets. Then, just a short walk down Waterloo to the Beachland Tavern, This Moment in Black History is headlining a four band bill with Ghandi SS, Methodist...READ MORE
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