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Top Jam: “Learning Slowly” by Purling Hiss

Since the time Purling Hiss released their Drag City debut, Water on Mars, last year, there has been a steady stream of limited run reissues from Philadelphia rocker Mike Polizze's early days. Richie Records reissued the 2011 tour cassette Paisley Montage on vinyl and Drag City put out their own early Hiss, with this spring's Dizzy Polizzy. This was great news for the completists, but neither of these lo-fi collections featured t...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Do You” by Spoon

  At their best, indie rock lifers, Spoon, make both the simple and the exquisite sound equally intuitive. And make no mistake about it, their new track, "Do You," is Spoon at its best. After a brief bossa nova intro, the rhythm section gets active, and vocalist Britt Daniel gets all sly. In the Spoon way, both the vocal melody and the instruments keep things simple. Yet, here, familiarity isn't a fault. Instead, it's a s...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Fuckers” by Savages

From their outsanding debut album and their scorching live show, I knew the UK post-punk band, Savages, had loads of determination and I knew they were capable of a nasty racket. What I didn't foresee from Savages was epic. "Fuckers" is epic, nearly ten-minutes of stream-of-conscious-like railing against the man set to crackling guitars. Fuckers, is also strangely uplifting. In a piece penned for Huffington Post, lead-vocalis...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Hey Mr. Grey” by Bob Mould

Those who managed to catch Bob Mould during his 2013 tour where his set list spanned his career from early Husker Du songs, on to his '90s band, Sugar, and on through his most recent solo album, 2012's Silver Age, should have a good idea what to expect from this new single, "Hey Mr. Grey," before pressing play. Mould was visibly energized by revisiting his classic recordings. At Riot Fest Chicago, he whirred about the stage like ...READ MORE
OBN IIIs Third Time For Harm Album Cover

Top Jam: “Not Time for the Blues” by the OBN IIIs

Are you still smarting from the limp effort at a single The Black Keys released yesterday? This track by the OBN IIIs, "No Time for the Blues," is for you. If the Black Keys are the sound of a garage rock band with their rock motor on cruise control, content to roll out new takes on their back catalog for the sakeaof having a new song or two on their next arena stop, then "No Time for the Blues" is the sound of a scrappy, gara...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Oblivious” by Jessica Lea Mayfield

Whoa! Our local folk singer, Jessica Lea Mayfield, is all grown up, and HEAVY! Listen to that lead riff on "Oblivious", it's all kinds of sick, like the screech of Jack White slinging his six string next to the rumble of Sunn O))). Really, it's that heavy. I had no idea she had such rockingness in her. She could do quaint and folksy, that's a given, and when the rubble settles, her light, fluttering voice settles comfortably alon...READ MORE

Top Jam: “How to Rob (The Punk Years)” by Obnox

"Rock and roll could stand some more brothers right now, some more swagger,” he insists. “Speaking on my own behalf, whatever they’re calling rock and roll right now is trash, it’s bullshit. Put me in the position to rock next to some of these motherfuckers, and you’re not going to be able to sell that bullshit anymore. It’s not cockiness, it’s confidence. --Lamont "Bim" Thomas of Obnox speaking to Pitchfork about th...READ MORE

Top Jam: “Ultra” by Disappears

This song is evil, and not just any evil, mind you. We're talking serial killer stalking a pretty young white girl on a deserted city block, evil; gates of hell swinging open to a pit of vicious fire, evil; and, haunted house reality show where actual ghosts terrorize the charlatans, evil. With "Ultra," the Chicago band Disappears have not only tapped into something which feeds innate emotional responses of mania, panic, and para...READ MORE
No Age band photo

Top Jam: “C’mon Stimmung” by No Age

A banger, a burner, a stormer, a stomper, a top jam -- Call it whatever you want, but the back to square one approach the LA duo, No Age, has taken for their forthcoming album, An Object (8.20 on Sub Pop) has resulted in a vital, top jam ca;;ed "C'mon Stimmung." It was in an interview with Spin where Dead Sprunt explained how they worked to unlearn their past six years of experience and get back to that Weirdo Rippers vibe whe...READ MORE
His Electro Blue Voice band photo

Top Jam: “Kidult” by His Electro Blue Voice

What's a music tech company to do once they launch their music service? Create a recommendation engine, of course. Being able to recommend an artist or track based on a user's existing playback data is the holy grail of both streaming and download services, and Spotify is but the latest to think they've done music recommendation right. I'm glad these groups are trying. However, try as they might, for a heavy music consumers li...READ MORE