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The Spinning of Propeller 149

  I wish I had a better story as to how I came into possession of Guided by Voices' Propeller #149. I'd love to say I found it at a garage sale or at a Goodwill. Even better, I'd love to tell you how I found myself at a bar in Dayton, Ohio sharing drinks with Robert Pollard and how Pollard invited me back to his house for afterhours where I scored this baby and more during an all night game of poker. Sadly, I acquired ...READ MORE

Jam Packed Wednesday with Guided by Voices, Thee Oh Sees, Ex-Cult, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires and Floor

And just the other night I sarcastically quipped on Facebook, "I should really listen to more Guided by Voices." Little did I know at the time, Guided by Voices were about to announce the release of Cool Planet, their 2nd new album of 2014 (out 5.20 on GBV Records). The first preview track, "Bad Love Is Easy To Do) is notable for a couple reasons. First, it marks the return of Kevin March as the band's drummer. Second, Cool Plane...READ MORE
8 Score

The Rockometer: Motivational Jumpsuit by Guided by Voices

    Guided by Voices Motivational Jumpsuit GBV Records With Motivational Jumpsuit, the fifth full-length of new material by the "classic" Guided by Voices lineup since 2012, we've officially entered the business end of the reunion. There was a band casualty -- Kevin Fennell was abruptly canned after trying to sell his GBV drum kit on eBay for a ridiculous sum. Stories have been floated claiming the band in it...READ MORE
GBV_UncleBobby - Mara Robinson

Moving Pictures: “Planet Score” by Guided by Voices

We all knew Robert Pollard was a closeted jock, and that was before last month's revelation that the Guided by Voices frontman once pitched a no-hitter for Wright State University while in college. Sports is spliced with your DNA when you grow up in Ohio, like our Uncle Bob. For, "Planet Score," a short burst of power-pop sweet, and the second track released from Guided by Voices forthcoming album Motivational Jumpsuit (2.18 o...READ MORE
GBV @ Riot Fest Chicago 2013

Riot Fest Saturday: Dinosaur, Jr, Guided by Voices, and FLAG

Coming into Riot Fest Chicago, I had planted all of these clever alternate festival names in my mind, like Who Let the Olds Out, Moms-And-Dads-in-Bands-a-Palooza, and The Bands That Time Forgot. But my favorite was, Our Band Could Have Been Your Life, LIKE 20 YEARS AGO, a play on Michael Azzerad's quintessential retelling of the early days of indie rock in the 1980s, Our Band Could Be Your Life.  My itinerary for my two days in ...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: English Little League by Guided by Voices

      Guided by Voices English Little League Rockathon Records Nostalgia has its limits. While the past ten years has seen practically every big name alternative rock and indie rock band round up the mates for another go at it, there has been a gathering sense of late that '90s nostalgia rock is nearing its end. Everyone seems to have a tenth or twentieth anniversary to celebrate. Or, in the case of the Dan...READ MORE

News Jam: The Tale of the Two Black Flags Caps a Mad Week of Music

Following in the footsteps of such greats as Funkadelic and Man or Astro Man?, and not so greats like LA Guns, Great White, Asia and Queensryche, two versions of the seminal punk and hardcore band Black Flag will tour this summer. Black Flag made their announcement first with Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn and Robo announcing plans to play the Heavy Fest in England. Not to be outdone, other former Black Flag members, Keith Morrris and Chuck Du...READ MORE

The Rockometer: The Bears for Lunch by Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices The Bears for Lunch GBV Records In retrospect, it shouldn't have been a big surprise that this, the reunited, classic era, Guided by Voices lineup would have chosen to record a new album nearly 15 years after their first go-round together had ended. Had you been there, too, at any of those first shows during the fall of 2010, the evidence was abundant -- Robert Pollard and his rock kicks, guitarist Mitch Mitchel...READ MORE

Something About Guided by Voices and Cobra Verde at the Grog Shop’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Notes from last night's Ohio Rock spectacular in no particular order (I feel like I drank 1,000 beers last night, so give me a little leeway, you guys): * I'm not what most would call a believer. More times than not, religion, and the things people do in the name of religion revolt me. Yet, late in Guided by Voices marathon set, lead singer Robert Pollard made a convincing argument regarding the existence of a higher power as he r...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Class Clown Spots a UFO by Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices Class Clown Spots a UFO GBV/Rockathon Know this: You are reading a review for the new Guided by Voices album by someone who has over 20 pieces of Guided by Voices vinyl in his record collection. This is not counting CDs and other Robert Pollard projects like solo albums and other Polllard bands like Boston Spaceships. This is also someone who's willing to spend over $100 for a copy of Tonics and Twisted Chasers ...READ MORE