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Cleveland Rock is Dead, Long Live Cleveland Rock

Strangely enough, it wasn't the move of Black Keys drummer, Pat Carney, from Akron to NYC, or the seemingly imminent relocation of bandmate Dan ...
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Drummer, Other Girls, Royal Bangs @ Beachland Ballroom Cleveland and Unsparing Sea @ Beachland Tavern Cleveland 10.24.09

If you came out to the Beachland Ballroom Saturday night hoping to hear the blues, you'd have left the venue damn well p*ssed. In spite of the ...
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“Diamond Caverns” and “All I Want” by Unsparing Sea

In speaking with Unsparing Sea's JR Bennett a few weeks back, he stressed the importance of not recording the same album twice when he and his ...
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Rocktober Week 3: The Son of The Return of Rocktober

Monday, October 19th: Old Canes, American War @ Beachland Tavern. Converge, High on Fire, Keelhaul @ Grog Shop.Tuesday, October 20th: St. Vincent ...
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Monday Miscellany

*Hanging out at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern this past Saturday night for the Wussy, Unsparing Sea, and Good Touch Bad Touch show, and people ...
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An IRC Internet Premiere: “Wolves at a Wedding” and “Held in Light” by Unsparing Sea

Unsparing Sea's debut cd, A Cloud in the Cathedral, a masterful suite of nautical inspired folk birthed on the shores of Lake Erie, and carried ...
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From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Just About Every Cleveland Band You Care About Is in the Studio

*The Suede Brothers recently returned to Suma Studios where they recorded their debut cd to lay down the tracks for a new EP.*Unsparing Sea are ...
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"Where Serpents Held Esteem" by Unsparing Sea

Listed in the Big Book of Rock Rules, between Rule #6, "Bottled water is for nine piece indie pop bands with xylophone players and hand clap ...
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