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News Jam: Rock Hall Happenings, Wilco Tapped to Headline 2013 Nelsonville Music Festival, and Kurt Vile’s New Classic Rock Album

While much of the news surrounding the Rock Hall has focused on the hiring of new CEO, Greg Harris, and to a lesser extent, Greg Harris' days running a record store in Philadelphia, the museum has also just revealed a new exhibit honoring the legacy of the influential British record label, Two-Tone. Then, on December 12th, the museum will be hosting a screening of the Replacements documentary, Color Me Impressed, featuring a Q&A ...READ MORE

The Rockometer: The Whole Love by Wilco

Wilco The Whole Love dBpm/Anti- With the Whole Love being bookended by the crunchy electronics of "Art of Almost" and the sedate, ruminative and repetitive folk of "One Sunday Morning," it's the meat and the middle and less experimental parts of Wilco's eighth studio album that will ultimately make or break the listening experience for both long time followers and newcomers alike.  For like a lot of bands who've just completed ...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Born Alone” by Wilco

Ever since guitarist Nels Cline joined the band Wilco, and especially after 2007's Sky Blue Sky, my constant complaint with this current lineup of the band is that Cline is consistently under used. I remember being floored by the man's work during the Ghost is Born tour. His playing was loud and inventive. His tone was ragged, yet surprisingly clear, like Thurston Moore himself was shredding right there, next to vocalist Jeff ...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “I Love my Label” by Wilco

When Nick Lowe originally penned the track, "I Love my Label," it was a showing of gratitude to Stiff Records, the small English label with a wicked sense of humor, that proved influential in launching the career's Lowe, Ian Drury, Wreckless Eric and Elvis Costello amongst others. The song takes on a different, somewhat confusing meaning with Wilco covering this track, singing about their own label, dBPM Records. So, Jeff Tweed...READ MORE

The Rockometer Vs The Review Stack Vol III feat. Oneida, Wilco, Dinosaur, Jr, and More, Much More

Who knew I had so many records in the virtual review stack. And who knew I had so many words in me. I think we can finally call an end to my recession induced writer's block.OneidaRated OBrah/JagjaguwarAny triple album, like Oneida's Rated O, contains a certain amount of selfishness on the band's part. When Oneida's Kid Millions discussed the album with Dusted Magazine, he made it fairly clear that this three disc set was principa...READ MORE

The Rockometer Vs The Review Stack Vol III

MobyWait for MeMuteMoby's Wait for Me relives the more elegiac and pastoral moments of both his breakthrough record, Play, and its follow-up 18. Is the fact that there isn't one dance-floor stormer, or one obvious pop moment a problem here? Depends on your expectations. WilcoWilco (The Album)NonesuchFuture of the LeftTravels With Myself and AnotherXL/Beggars Group USDinosaur, JrFarmJagjaguwarFlorence and the MachineLungsKurt VileTh...READ MORE

And Now For Your Listening Pleasure: Wilco and Dark Night of The Soul

Yesterday, the music bloggerati were all abuzz about the new Wilco album, Wilco (The Album), streaming in its entirety at the Wilcoweb, and while I find it a definite improvement over their last effort, the painfully sedate, Sky Blue Sky, that's not really why I'm writing tonight. Instead, I'd like to send you over to NPR, where the Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/David Lynch multimedia collaboration, Dark Night of the Soul, is now stream...READ MORE

From the IRCWHQ Newsdesk: Wilco Embraces Recession Rock with a Cover of Woody Guthrie’s "The Jolly Banker"

Wilco have just released an mp3 single of Woody Guthrie's "The Jolly Banker," at Wilcoweb, and while the suggested donation to the Woody Guthrie Foundation is $2, Jeff Tweedy and company are understanding folks and are fully aware of the times we're living in, so they've presented three payment options:For the working folk -- Thanks for the track. I'm happy to support the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives. (Suggested minimum dona...READ MORE

Can’t Get You Outta My Head

"Drug Store Bust" by Future Clouds and Radar (pictured above) was previously featured in my last episode of Michael Stanley Made Me Do It, but seeing as though I haven't been able to get this one outta my head the past couple days, it's worth a second mention. Future Clouds and Radar are an Austin based band fronted by Robert Harrison, a man best known for his work in Cotton Mather in the Nineties. FCR recently released their se...READ MORE

Wilco, We Have More Problems

It's like Festivus in May. Wilco released a new album, Sky Blue Sky, and now we're going to air some grievances. I didn't want it to come to this, but with a flat (some may say boring) release, I feel the need to list the ways in which Tweedy & Co. have disappointed me.1. Who's Ready For Some Mid-Tempo Rockers? One of the most endearing moments on the two disc live set, Kicking Television, comes before "Jesus, Etc," when Jeff Twe...READ MORE
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