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35 (Mostly) Rock Records You Need to Hear from 2013

Here are 35 (mostly) rock records you should hear from 2013. Why 35? Who said 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 was the standard? Not all years of music are equal. Some years, I list 20 albums. Some years, it's 25 albums. Others, it's 25 and a handful of honorable mentions. This year it's 35 because there was a definite line between albums I've spent considerable time listening to and I've grown to love, the second group, those that are flawe...READ MORE

Play Me: “Super Kiwi” by Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo's "Super Kiwi" was made for a 7". It comes from the same recordings done with producer John McEntire (Tortoise) that made up their latest full length, Fade, but unlike the tracks that made the final cut, "Super Kiwi," does not share the same stately and sedate nature. Where Fade is deft and calculated, "Super Kiwi" is fast and ferocious. Where Fade patiently added and removed layers to each track, "Super Kiwi" bristle...READ MORE

2013 Pitchfork Music Festival: Yo La Tengo

Hey look everyone! It's Uncle Ira, Uncle James and Aunt Georgia! They made it to the cookout! If you're one of those who has never had a chance to see Hoboken indie rock lifers, Yo La Tengo, live, it would be easy to dismiss them based on their appearance alone. Today Ira Kaplan had his finest, grey t-shirt, while James McNew and Georgia Hubley sported their best Sunday button-downs, all dressed for the Sunday family gathering...READ MORE

News Jam: Cincinnati’s Bunbury and Bonaroo Festivals Set Their Lineups; Belle and Sebastian and Poastal Service Book Midwest Dates; Hear New Releases by Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace, Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving and More

Cincinnati's Bunburry Festival, now in its second year, has announced an indie-heavy lineup for 2013. By indie heavy I mean, lots of indie and not much heavy. Headliners include The National, Belle & Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, MGMT, and fun....Bonarroo had an announcement today, too. Joining the unwashed masses in Tennessee will be Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Wu-Tang Clan, Mumford and Sons, Bjork, Wilco, R. Kell...READ MORE
Yo La Tengo by Mara Robinson

Live Rock Action: The Many Sides of Yo La Tengo

Words often fail when attempting to describe the lasting appeal of Yo La Tengo. To say this long-running, Hoboken trio is a critic's band implies they're difficult for the average music fan to understand. It wasn't just critics, record store owners and vinyl geeks who filled the sold-out Beachland Ballroom on Thursday night. There were normal folk, too. To describe their talent as a band who can play any song in any style, Bla...READ MORE

Watch Me: “I’ll Be Around” by Yo La Tengo

Subtle is our word of the day. Used in a sentence, Yo La Tengo's most recent album, Fade, is a subtle album, one where the listener must pay close attention to hear the multi-layered structures created by the band and producer John McEntire. Similarly, subtle can also be used to describe the video for "I'll Be Around," where Superchunk's Mac McCaughan is alone in the woods strumming an acoustic guitar while words, unrelated to th...READ MORE
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The Rockometer: Fade by Yo La Tengo

                Yo La Tengo Fade Matador Records Much to the dismay of forward-thinking, music technologists, the album has not completely disappeared, yet. Nary a week goes by without influential blogger Bob Lefsetz unleashing another screed against the album.  People don't want albums, he'll claim. The future is in singles, nimbly produced outside of the trad...READ MORE

No Resolution: Looking Ahead to 2013

Resolutions aren't my thing. I've always believed real change has to come from something more than a day on a calendar. And, if this change is something important like better finances, a better diet, or more excercise, you've gotta ask yourself, why did I wait to the single most depressing time of year in Cleveland, when the skies turn grey for months at a time, to begin this new life? Why did I wait until the chance of a real, lasti...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Ohm” by Yo La Tengo

While side 1, track 1 is listed as "Ohm" on Fade, the 13th studio album by the long-running indie rock act, Yo La Tengo, and again, on the title bar of this just released video, I prefer its alternate title: "Everything You Love About Yo La Tengo in 6 Minutes and 47 Seconds." I know, it's a lot to get out of your mouth and it doesn't have the same zing as "Ohm." But hear me out, "Everything You Love About Yo La Tengo in 6 Minutes...READ MORE

Moving Pictures: “Before We Run” by Yo La Tengo

By Yo La Tengo's standards, "Before We Run," the closing track to their forthcoming album, Fade, is practically succinct. For comparison's sake, "All the Glitter is Gone," from 2009's Popular Songs, clocked in at over 15 minutes. "The Story of Yo la Tengo," from 2006's I'm Not Afraid of You and I'll Beat Your Ass, was nearly 12 minutes. While "Night Falls on Hoboken" from 2000's, And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, ran for 17 m...READ MORE
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