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I Rock Cleveland is Shut Down by Google’s Blogger Service

Google Shuts Down MP3 Blogs

Google Resumes Music Blog Breakdowns…

Google’s Latest Music Blog Kerfuffle Highlights Problems with the DMCA

I Rock Cleveland’s old home at http://irockclveland.blogpsot.com was unceremoniously disabled around noon on Tuesday after I unintentionally got myself caught square in the middle of the great copyright fight of 2010.  In the way these things always seem to go, I was no match for Google and the IFPI.  Thankfully, I had a recent backup and was able to port all of my old content over to this new home at http://blog.irockcleveland.com.

Needless to say, I didn’t have time to properly plan to move to a new server.  So, you may notice things that are missing on the new site which used to be on the old site, or things on the new site which don’t work quite so well as you’d like them to work.  Patience, grasshopper.  All of this will be taken care of in due time.

In the meantime, why don’t you update your links and your bookmarks to the new url http://blog.irockcleveland.com?  Next, if you’re a feed subscriber make sure you’re using this one.  It’s a franken-feed of the old I Rock Cleveland and the new one.  Lastly, tell your friends and their friends to do the same.  As someone famous once said, “I fought the law and the law won,” “Hey, hey, my, my.  Rock and Roll will never die.”

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