Jason Look and his bandmates in the Cleveland garage-rock outfit, Prisoners, have come a long way from those first in-stores at Blue Arrow Records.  Early on, you could tell Look had the persona of a rocker, with his hell could care mop of hair, and his throttling voice, eerily similar to a young Paul Westerberg.

They had the sound, a three guitar, loose and loud bar-rock style, the likes of which never goes out of style in a blue-collar town like Cleveland.

The boys had the knowledge, too.  Look works at Blue Arrow Records where Rock ‘N’ Roll’s history is constantly within his reach.  Consequently, their sets often included covers of classic cuts by The Box Tops, The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground, and The Replacements, of course.

What was missing, until Saturday night, was the performance.  To say they slayed set-closer, “Little Old Me,” is an understatement.  The loud parts were louder, the soft parts softer, and the thrashing parts more thrashing.  It was energetic, wild, and free.  It also left many in the crowd marveling at how this young band have quickly mastered that old Cleveland sound.

VIDEO: Prisoners – Little Old Me

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