Recent internet chatter seems to indicate that Columbus’ Times New Viking have a new album on the way and that album won’t be for their current label, Matador Records.  While there’s been no definitive word yet, there is this story from Donewaiting and their source World of Wumme.  Then, during some between song banter at the Guided by Voices classic line-up tour stop in LA, where TNV were serving as the opening act, Robert Pollard joked about them being dropped from Matador, or, rather they quit.  Who knows how many Miller’s Uncle Bob had already imbibed by that time, but the gist of his quip seems pretty solid.

All of which brings us to, “No Room to Live,”  the latest single Times New Viking have been toting around to recent shows.  It may or may not be on that forthcoming album which probably won’t be for Matador.  It is, however, the cleanest-sounding pop statement the band have released to date.  That’s something for a band who’ve always taken pride in their tattered lo-fi sound.

MP3: Times New Viking – No Room to Live