There’s a moment when Guided by Voices play the ballad, “Don’t Stop Now,” live, it happened in Columbus, it happened in Detroit, and I’m willing to bet it’s happened every other stop on the tour, where the crowd loudly joins in during the line, “King Sht*t and the Golden Boys!” This video from Matador Records’ 21st Birthday celebration in Las Vegas completely misses that moment. The audio quality is so good that you all you get is band. I say that like it’s a bad thing, but in reality, this clip is still one of the best documents from the recent GBV reunion tour. You get a first hand look at Uncle Bob’s boozing, Mitch Mitchell’s smoking, and the crowd’s unquestioned adoration. Just yell your own back-up vocals, and it’s almost like being there.

VIDEO: Guided by Voices – Don’t Stop Now (Live at Matador’s 21st Birthday Party)

Speaking of being there in person for the Guided by Voices reunion tour, yet another date has been added. In addition to the NYE show in NYC, Uncle Bob and the boys will be in Louisville for a show at Headliners on January 15th.