Now, this is interesting. The Dirtbombs, the Motor City garage rock band who first made a name for themselves ten years ago with Ultraglide in Black, an album of rocked-up, mucked up covers of classic soul, have a new album coming out early in 2011 called Party Store. This time around, they’re re-interpreting classic Detroit techno by the likes of Derick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Carl Craig. Sure, it sounds like a crazy idea, an idea which couldn’t possibly work, but take a listen to “Sharevari.” These cats know what they’ve gotten themselves into and more than that, they appear more than up to the task. This track is overloaded with cool, funky vibes that’ll have even the most jaded hipster gettin’ up and gettin’ on down.  And for the rockers in the house, The Dirtbombs haven’t forgotten their signature guitar crunch.  It’s used sparsely, and to great effect.  If “Sharevari” is any indication of what else Party Store has to offer, it could end up being the party record of 2011 for hipsters, for rockers, and for house-heads.

VIDEO: The Dirtbombs – Sharevari

The Dirtbombs’ Party Store will be out February 1st on In the Red Records. For more previews head on over to Midheaven.