“Windshield Wipers,” the first single off of The Black Swans forthcoming Misra Release, Don’t Blame the Stars has this nice old-timey Wilco feel to it, like something Jeff Tweedy would have written back in his boozier and bluesier days on an album like A.M. or Being There. Jerry DeCicca’s voice, while filled with sadness and regret, still retains a nice, deep smoothness to it. While the wandering violin melody adds the country flavor every good and downtrodden, barroom lament needs. Damn if I don’t want a shot, a High-Life and a good cry myself.

VIDEO: The Black Swans – Windshield Wipers

The Black Swans will be in town this Friday Night for a show at Survival Kit in the W 78th Studio Building this Friday night with Herzog.  Their new album, Don’t Blame The Stars, will be released May 31st on Misra Records.