This coming Saturday, the 9th Annual Waterloo Arts Fest will be taking place in and all around the Waterloo Arts District.  The Beachland Ballroom will be putting on another one of their Rock ‘N’ Roll flea markets.  While in the Tavern, bands and djs will man the stage.  Personally, I’ll be doing a short dj set from 2 ’til 3.  I’m calling it “All About Bob.”  I’ll be spinning records by Guided by Voices, some Guided by Voices covers, and some other projects led by GBV frontman Robert Pollard.

Of course, there’s much more to do than visit me and my GBV collection.  Outside, the street will be lined with artists, vendors, food trucks, and performers.  And, later that night, The Beachland is throwing a big after-party with local bands on both stages.  A full schedule of the day’s events can be found by visiting the Waterloo Arts Fest website, or by finding them on Facebook.  Additionally, you can find the Beachland’s entertainment lineup, for both during and after the fest, by checking out their website.