Like a lot of you, my first reaction when Jack White, he of the The White Stripes, the most blazing Rock ‘N’ Roll duo of the 21st Century, teamed up with ICP for a single on his Third Man Records imprint was fuck. Fuck, as in “What the fuck is White doing with those clowns?” and “Fuck, this is horrible,” and “Fuck you, man.”

Now that some time has passed, I’m not nearly as upset, even if I still don’t know what to think about it. Was it meant as a joke and did we all fall for it? Was it the ultimate expression of musical independence? I can’t imagine a label-head ever signing on and saying, “Yes, Jack. A collaboration with Insane Clown Posse is just what your career needs to reach new fans. It’s a fantastic idea! Let me write you a check for studio time and a case of Faygo. Those clowns like Faygo, right?”

Conversely, and thankfully, Jeff the Brotherhood’s “Whatever I Want,” is more like what you’d expect from a label helmed by White. It’s a two-sided sludge-feast by the up-and-coming Nashville duo with White, himself, providing the mad organ breakdown on the A-side. I’d say it’s White’s attempt at realigning his karma, but I’m not sure White concerns himself with such things. Instead, let’s be happy his restless muse is supporting a duo of his own likeness, a shredding duo independent of time and place, indifferent to what’s being fancied by the underground this moment.

VIDEO: Jeff the Brotherhood – Whatever I Want

Jeff the Brotherhood’s “Whatever I Want” 7″ single is out now on Third Man Records.