This, my friends, is what we call a good, old-fashioned freak out — eight minutes of men, ahem, The Men, jamming for the sake of it. And while “A Minor” doesn’t display the urgency displayed on their past two albums, Leave Home and Open Your Heart, it does further the mystique of a band who is seemingly capable of whatever form of Rock ‘N’ Roll they damn well choose. It’s as if they gathered one day in their practice space and asked, “What should we do today? A dusty, psychedelic groove or a Black Sabbath boogie,” and the answer came back, “Both. And cowbell.”

What’s next for the Nashville all-things-rock duo, Jeff the Brotherhood, whose last full length had the balls to call itself We Are the Champions. Why, a cover of Hawkwind’s “Master of the Universe,” complete with a nine minute jam-a-thon, of course. Not that Jeff the Brotherhood are big on egos. Look, they brought in extra musicians for their freak-out. And there’s very little posturing to be found in this studio clip, just a bunch of long hairs laying down some licks ’til the weed wears off and the tape machine goes click.

VIDEO: Jeff the Brotherhood – Master of the Universe (via Spin)

The Men’s “A Minor” will be available on the Sacred Bones Record Store Day comp Todo Muere Vol. 2. That Jeff the Brotherhood jam will also get its release on Record Store Day on the 12″ EP, Upstairs at United Vol 3.