And now for something completely different from Nashville’s Jeff the Brotherhood. Well, maybe not completely different, but certainly different than that extended, freaked out cover of Hawkwind which anchored the Orrall brothers’ last release, an Upstairs at United Session released for Record Store Day. In contrast, “Sixpack,” hearkens back to some of the finer power pop moments found on their 2011 release, We Are the Champions, where in between heaping samplings of stoner rock and other heavy grooves they laid down some of the best Weezer these ears have heard in years. “Sixpack” is like that, and more some, as the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach was able to coax even more guitar crunch out of the brothers during their time in the studio. Now granted, it’s a safe play for a band like the Jeff Bros, a band who can seemingly crank out any jam in the rock canon, but when every jam is a quality jam, it’s really hard to complain. Tapping along seems the much better option.

The Hypnotic Knights EP will be available digitally on May 22nd on Warner Bros/Infinity Cat Records. A full length will follow later this year.