Internet culture is a failure. While everyone was busy making lists and photo galleries and then clicking on everyone else’s lists and photo galleries, a small Chicago punk label called Trouble in Mind records released a 7″ by this new band called Fuzz shortly before the Christmas holiday. Being a small punk label, they cheekily introduced their new signing as a group of unknowns who had approached them with an unsolicited email.

Yet, anyone who bothered to listen to Fuzz, before, let’s say January 2nd, when the internet caught up and figured out Fuzz was really half of the Ty Segall band, would have known the secret of Fuzz by the end of the first riff of “This Time I Got a Reason.” The Stooges and Sabbath thing, with lead guitar like a blender full of Greek yogurt and dry wall nails, was the basic (and totally righteous) formula for Segall’s last two full lengths of 2012.

The internet, with its Twitter and Facebook and RSS feeds is supposed to help us with things like, purchasing 7″ singles before they become reseller’s gold. Instead, because we were all gluttons for lists and picture shows, we’ll have to wait for the second pressing.

Fucking internet.

Ty Segall rules.

A facebook update from earlier today by Trouble in Mind indicated, yes, there will be a second pressing. The B-Side, “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream,” is also available for streaming on Youtube.