We all knew Robert Pollard was a closeted jock, and that was before last month’s revelation that the Guided by Voices frontman once pitched a no-hitter for Wright State University while in college. Sports is spliced with your DNA when you grow up in Ohio, like our Uncle Bob.

For, “Planet Score,” a short burst of power-pop sweet, and the second track released from Guided by Voices forthcoming album Motivational Jumpsuit (2.18 on GBV Records), our arena isn’t the rock stage, or the baseball field, but the realm of one Jim Pollard, Robert’s younger brother and a Dayton high school basketball great. And, let’s be honest here, the actors in the Funny Or Die-produced video are no Jim Pollard. Dude shooting hoops solo style smokes like Mitch Mitchell and when he isn’t lighting up, he is brick city. Granted, the hecklers don’t help, and the coach is better at gyrations than x’s and o’s, but, I still can’t shake the feeling that Jim Pollard would have fared better. He has the Dayton city single-game scoring record, after all.