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Top Jam! “Community of Hope” by PJ Harvey

Listen to closely to the lyrics of PJ Harvey's new single, "Community of Hope," and you can hear why DC politicians aren't proud about the public face of their housing project, with one even calling her the Piers Morgan of music. I'm sure civic leaders had higher hopes than one sit-down restaurant when they tore down the old high-rise housing project, the namesake of Harvey's new album, The Hope Six Demolition Project.
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Watch Me: The Wheel by PJ Harvey

"The Wheel" isn't the most challenging song in PJ Harvey's illustrious discography. The firm drum beats and hand claps accompanying this seemingly upbeat guitar strummer recalls the work of Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders. You can shake your hips to "The Wheel." Yet, like Hynde was fond to do with The Pretenders, Harvey has embedded a deeper meaning within a simple pop structure. The narrative of "The Wheel" is a plea for awareness of the thousands of children who go missing across the globe every year. A video shot in Kosovo, once a hot spot for human cruelty, further drives the point home: this wheel has a heavy burden.
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Jam Pack Tuesday with Windhand, Factory Floor, His Electro Blue Voice, and PJ Harvey

Located squarely between '90s grunge (the first wave, the good stuff) and modern doom metal, "Woodbine," by Richmond, Virginia longhairs, ...
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Resurrection Vinyl: Selections From a Month of Record Collecting Featuring Desaparecidos, Birds of Maya, Spacin’, Redd Kross and PJ Harvey

Desaparecidos - Read Music, Speak Spanish (2002) How we managed to get through the Occupy Movement, not to mention all of the continued distrust ...
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The Rockometer: Let England Shake by PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey Let England Shake Vagrant At its core, Let England Shake, the tenth album by English singer-songwriter PJ Harvey, is a protest album ...
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Moving Pictures: “The Last Living Rose” by PJ Harvey

If you haven't been paying attention to PJ Harvey's career of late (And to be honest, I haven't either), it's the right time to start.  Her ...
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