Looking for a dj for your pre-party, after-party or party proper?  Looking for someone to entertain your bar or your bar mitzvah?  I come equipped with two turntables, a mixer, and a load of killer Rock ‘N’ Roll Records ranging from classic punk and new wave to ’90s alt-rock to the stuff the kids crave on Pitchfork. I’ve got some things you can groove to, Cleveland classics, stone cold classics, and some records your dad thinks are classics.  I’ll keep the latter to a minimum.


Check out some sample playlists by clicking the following link.

Still interested?

I can be contacted at irockcleveland at gmail dot com.

You should be interested. Whether it’s DJ Bill from IRockCleveland.com, Kid Flamingo, Echos William, William Eleven, Master Shredder, Hey You Can You Play Some Chili Peppers, This DJ Does Not Play Chili Peppers, or some other name I haven’t even thought of yet, one thing is for sure — This DJ Will Rock.